Tom and Dave′s Deutschland Dispatch
Election Day September 2017 For some reason, it always rains when I arrive in Berlin. If I’m driving, it’s sunshine all the way to the Beelitzer Spargelstrasse outside the gates of the city – maybe the asparagus is a better reason for sunny weather than me? If I fly in, the airplane descends for ages through the milky grey matter until just before Jakob-Kaiser-Platz and touchdown. read more
Make America Great Again! Sounds like a legitimate wish for many American voters and the theme which brought the Trump administration to the helm of America. In fact, people elsewhere also demand pretty much the same for their own respective countries. The discussion picks up steam quickly, however, when one tries to imagine how this might be achieved even though the answer is actually quite simple: work hard and get used to paying a fair price for what you buy. read more
BMW and Import Duties DJT recently took a swipe at BMW in an interview for a German tabloid. He’s unhappy that the German automaker is building a facility in Mexico and reiterated his threat of a 35% duty on cars coming to the US from there. Perhaps, from an American blue-collar vantage point, this sounds really good. But it’s not quite that simple if you take a step back and look at the big picture… read more
What Exactly is America Afraid Of? What exactly is America afraid of? Although it shouldn’t be this way, the answer seems to increasingly be “…those who are not like us.” read more
Convulsions Today, it seems like all of the traditionally industrialized nations have gone or are going through convulsions of their economic and social orders. One apparent key to successfully managing this transition is acknowledging a lack of competitiveness in labor-intensive, low skill industries and concentrating instead on innovation and managing processes. read more
Having It Both Ways Americans, like people just about everywhere else, essentially want it both ways: well-paying, secure jobs and low prices. read more
The Amboy Moment Not long ago, I passed through Amboy, CA and couldn’t help thinking that what I was seeing was a casualty of economic progress and, at the same time, an embodiment of the way Americans perceive this progress. What little is left of this small town on historic Route 66 is effectively for sale. read more
The Welcome Society? MARHABAN! AHLAN WA SACHLAN! were banners and signs waved by crowds proclaiming greetings in Arabic at German train stations and bus terminals as predominantly Syrian refugees streamed in by the tens of thousands not long ago, leaping at the window of opportunity thrown open by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government. read more

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